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Mob's Haven:
where every tattoo tells a story

Experience the Life-changing power of Art & Self-discovery through tattoos

Hey there! Welcome to Mobs Haven, where we're all about turning your personal journey into amazing body art. We believe tattoos are more than just skin deep; they are a way to grow, heal, and express yourself. Our awesome artists love what they do and are here to help you create a killer piece of art that tells your story and sticks with you forever.

If you are looking for an artist that puts their heart and soul into every design, Click the button below to book a free consultation. Together we will create a One-of-a-Kind custom piece that brings your tattoo idea to life

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“I am beyond happy with how my tattoo turned out! Michael took my ideas and turned them into a beautiful design which he executed flawlessly. He was very precise and took time to perfect every little detail. The line work is clean, the shading is smooth and the color is vibrant. I highly recommend going here!”

Kali Haschel


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check out some of the work from our dedicated team of artists:

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